2018 Registration Now Open!!

If you have monies you would like to pay besides camp
session fees (example: overnight, TALS Tuition) simply
"click" on PayPal button below and you will be redirected.
Please use the new online payment system when you register.
PayPal link for other payments not related to camp
Online registration must be complete to confirm space.

Registration Information

Registration Fee-A one time per season, per child $25 Registration Fee is due at time of
registration.  The registration process must be completed on-line through our website at
www.creativecri.org.   Payments and paperwork cannot be accepted at bus stops, Sandy
Point State Park or any program locations.

Deposits- a non-refundable $50 deposit ($100 for Specialty and Trip) per child, per
session, per camp is required at time of application to secure placement. This amount
goes towards total balance due. In the event of cancellation, the deposit is forfeited and
may not be applied towards a remaining balance. A deposit is a commitment to attend
camp. Failure to notify CCRI of cancellation 14 days in advance and/or failure to attend
without notification will result in you being responsible and billed for the full cost of camp
that session.

Change/ADD/Switch/Cancelation Requests-
A new session can be added by simply returning to your online registration portal,
selecting the child you wish to make the 'add' for (within your household information) & by
selecting another camp/week on the 'camp selection' page.  A session can be canceled
and/or ‘switched’ if you email a detailed request at least 14 days prior to the first day of
the session you wish to change. Please note there is a $10 ‘change fee’ per child/ per
session-if you are needing to cancel a session and are wishing to add a new one. When
the appropriate 14 day emailed notice is provided, in this case only, the $50 deposit fee
and any balance received can transfer to a newly added session only. If a new session is
not added, the non-refundable deposit is forfeited-however, the balance can still be
transferred to another session previously registered for. Unfortunately, receiving an
emailed Add/Change request thirteen days (or less) prior to the first day of the session
you wish to change or cancel, means both the applicable balance and non-refundable
deposit are forfeited and can no longer be transferred or refunded.

Late ADD Registration Request/Session Change Request/Cancellation/Refunds
- An additional $30 fee, per child is required for ‘Late Add’ registration requests made 3
days or less prior to the first day of the first session you wish your child to attend

Refunds- During the summer we are on location for most of the time. Refunds are  
processed and mailed the second week in September.